Marketing and Advertising Policy


This policy covers all websites and social media advertisements operated by Leadfix Limited.

Our Intentions:

Leadfix Limited (‘company’) is committed to abiding by all relevant legislation relating to marketing and advertising. This Policy provides guidance on how we will meet our objectives to ensure that our advertisements are clear, fair and not misleading.

How We Will Do This:

When providing information to customers the company will:

•Pay regard to its target market
•Act with professional diligence
•Take account of what information the customer needs to understand the product or service, its purpose and the risks, and communicate information in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading

The company will not:

•Make any untrue claims
•Omit any matters that cause the promotion to be unclear, unfair or misleading
•Display any logos or trademarks without necessary permission
•Mislead customers to the availability of a product or service

Information can take many forms including:
•Marketing brochures and literature
•Web content
•Email marketing
•Social media